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What started as a group of parents leaning on each other has led to those same parents organizing to fight back against government overreach from our local elected offices. In Delaware County, Ohio we formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) to fight back against Marxism and tyranny, right here in our own backyard.

The BW Strategy PAC was founded with the following mission:

“To fund initiatives in the Big Walnut community and Delaware County that support conservative principles and parents, and to fight back against the encroachment of Big Government.”

Our PAC will be hosting a June 15 fundraiser at Royal American Links in Galena, featuring Ohio Press Network Editor in Chief Jack Windsor, independent Republican governor candidate Niel Petersen and radio personalities Raw with Mindy & Boots. Interest in the event has been strong, and more events will follow.

While the average citizen’s impact is a drop in the bucket for state or national elections, it can force dramatic change in your own neighborhood if organized properly.

Here is some background about how we got here.


During the dark fall and winter of 2020-21, a couple fellow sports dads reached out—separately and quietly—to meet for a beer and discuss the Covid response insanity and the nation’s chaos.

The suspect 2020 election. Lockdowns. Closed schools. “Essential businesses.” Anti-science posing as “the science.” BLM riots that were OK but anti-mandate demonstrations that were not. None of it made sense and still doesn’t.

The dads and I had a lot to talk about. Most importantly, what Covid mania, masks, mandates and associated rampant dishonesty was doing to our kids. Our kids were “in school” but forced to wear worthless masks all day, all year. No one was discussing ever removing them.

Meanwhile people were going about their lives mask-free—unaware the school next door was forcing 5 year olds to wear masks all day. Maybe they were aware, but didn’t care.

We learned critical race theory (CRT) indoctrination was going on in many schools nationwide, and likely ours. Crime was spiking. Cities were dangerous. Rules were changing constantly. Bureaucrats were lying. Our Ohio governor and Department of Health showed zero competence handling a “pandemic” and instead relied on damaging, draconian emergency orders of which they weren’t interested in letting go.

It was—in a word—madness.

It was a dark time, but there were a few beacons of light. Journalist Jack Windsor continued to poke the Ohio governor for honest answers and clear facts which never came. Author Alex Berenson. Sen. Rand Paul. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. The authors of the Great Barrington Declaration. Dr. Scott Atlas. These beacons were prescient and have been proven correct every step of the way, especially in their skepticism of the government’s response.

The beacons had facts, reason and logic, unlike the governments in Columbus and Washington. The dads were also a beacon of light, and we kept talking and bringing other dads on board. We learned moms were talking, too, and wanting to take action. It was encouraging that others had the same concerns and were equally as motivated. We leaned on each other in the face of the madness.


Like-minded citizens multiplied and connected in our community. We dialed in with laser focus on the Big Walnut Board of Education. Our local school district bucked many others by having in-person graduation in 2020, over the objections of one board member but very few community members. We saw this as a positive sign our district wouldn’t go the way of nearby, locked-down, remote-learning schools.

Unlike many others, our district spent the entire 2020-21 school year in class, albeit wearing masks and conforming to a litany of ridiculous rules. The superintendent and board members were accused of being child and granny killers by hysterics hiding in their basements, suffering from the same mass-formation psychosis plaguing the world.

Our students were in school largely due to a local survey showing 85% of parents demanded kids get back in class and start actually learning again. Another positive sign.

But our district kept the mask theater throughout the school year, under the dubious “orders” of the Ohio Department of Health. The fact that no one discussed removing the masks incensed parents like me, who’ve been 100% vindicated in our suspicions regarding the Covid response.

Growing impatient and frustrated, parents started taking action. We went to board meetings and spoke out against masks, CRT, indoctrination, inappropriate surveys of children and much more. We confronted the board and school administration for their actions and demanded data and analysis. We received nothing. Zip. Nada.

Last fall, when asymptomatic cases ticked up slightly, the school board—without any clear objectives, metrics or scientific data—reached for the only tool their narrow minds could conceive of: masking little children. The board voted 4-1 to put medical devices on people who needed it the least and suffered the most—small children.

A more virtue-signaling, anti-science and short-sighted approach could scarcely be imagined. In an apparent attempt to stick their bureaucratic fingers in the eyes of parent protesters, they did it anyway.

One board member pushed back and voted against the nonsense—current Board President Doug Crowl. The conservative parents swung their weight behind Crowl’s reelection campaign and two other conservatives—Alice Nicks and Angie Graziosi—who all won easily. The parents were heard—loudly.


Children around the nation have been frightened unnecessarily, suffered damages from vaccines they never needed and endured government scolds telling them to wear three masks and get multiple jabs from an experimental vaccine.

A tsunami of information is becoming available on how damaging our government and media have been to adolescents over the past two years. Suicides, depression, drug use, dropouts and criminal behavior is all UP, thanks to the actions of the lockdown Left.

We’re tired of it.

We’re tired of teachers bearing down on little kids with divisive racial ideologies, inappropriate sex discussions and telling 6 year olds they need to understand transgenderism. Authority figures tell children our country was founded as a racist nation and their parents are bad people. We’re tired of board members and politicians who defend and run interference for those teachers.

Time is ticking. We only need to see the horrible mass murders in Texas and Buffalo to know that this generation has received the mother of all screwings, and Leftists continue to push forward with fear mongering, mistreatment of young males and ignorance of the role absentee fathers have played in crime waves.


In our district, problems didn’t go away after the election. New board members have been attacked relentlessly, getting their cars keyed, having fake emails set up, receiving inappropriate toys or candy in the mail and much, much more. Losing Leftists have shown up at board meetings to confront, interrupt and yell at board members, with one even suing the district. The media has published false stories and misleading information skewed against the pro-parent conservatives.

But the same parents who over-turned the anti-science and extremely progressive school board are continuing to organize, and not just regarding the school district. They started looking at other elected officials in the county.

Last winter, the Democrat mayor of tiny Galena, Ohio, cancelled an outdoor Christmas tree lighting ceremony “because of Covid.” An outdoor event meant for zero-risk children and their families, was just too “risky.” The mayor had no valid reason other than the absurd assertion she was keeping “kids safe.” No word on how many lives were saved by canceling the outdoor event.

We understand the mayor is also friendly to a sprawling high-density housing project in our largely rural area, which the vast majority of homeowners do not want. There are Leftists on city councils and in other positions in this largely Republican district. Our PAC aims to end that scenario, permanently.


Nationwide, 72% of U.S. citizens are unhappy with our country’s direction. Poor government decisions and extreme Leftist leadership has directly caused inflation, high gas prices, crime, open borders, travel issues, baby formula shortages and, almost assuredly, an upcoming recession.

Local parents are tired of the devastation caused by the extreme progressives in office in Washington and Columbus, and we’re tired of watching what the Left does to our children.

We can’t do anything about the train wreck in Washington, but we CAN and HAVE done a lot in our area. Donations, yard signs, in-person campaigning and voting can go a long way to beat back the mad Marxism here in Delaware County, Ohio. It can happen in your area, too, with a little organizing.

We formed our local political action committee—the BW Strategy PAC—to elect patriots in this district and provide information to the public.

BW = Big Walnut, the school district and area of Ohio we reside.

STRATEGY = a strategy to roll back Marxist, pro-CRT and anti-American initiatives, and advocate for leaders who espouse a sincere appreciation for a pro-business, pro-parent and pro-freedom agenda.

As the old saying goes, Leftists can agitate all day because they don’t do anything productive. Conservatives work and own businesses and must be smarter and better organized than the radicals out keying cars.

So, we are organizing to fight back and win. We’ll keep the funds in our area and eschew donations to state or national parties and candidates. We’ll focus on our neighborhood. Nearly everyone involved with the 2021 election is helping with the PAC, and we’re adding more supporters and contributors daily.

The BW Strategy PAC is here to stay, as a conservative, pro-parent, pro-American force in our little neck of the woods.

_ _ _

Lad Dilgard is the treasurer of BW Strategy PAC ( formed to help elect and support local, conservative candidates in eastern Delaware County, Ohio.

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