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Brett Kavanaugh associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

If I took the time to tell you what is broken in America, the greatest country on earth, my list may make up this entire column.

Thus, I will not do that.

The biggest issues in shambles are the security of the Southern U.S. border due to the president’s policy not to enforce our laws; the supply chain for goods and services; the respect and support for police, law and order; the refusal to prosecute a large percentage of criminals; the state of our economy driven by record-breaking inflation, which is pushing gas prices into the stratosphere; and I’m just getting warmed up.

Now let me add this one, and it has been going on for a long time now: The manner in which the mainstream media operates and performs its duties.

Our media system, the one-time proud Fourth Estate of America, is an unmitigated disaster.

The thing I want to emphasize here is that the media’s crucial role is not only to tell us and inform us of what happened and what is important in our lives—and it is and has been failing miserably at that—but the other half of this equation is what it does not tell us and what crucial subjects it ignores and/or buries as it executes its collective bias.

Which brings me to what U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his neighbors in Chevy Chase, Md., have been living through lately.

Kavanaugh was the target of an assassination attempt by a left-wing nut, who was armed with a handgun, plenty of ammunition, pepper spray and zip ties when he was apprehended after his sister convinced him to call 911 outside Kavanaugh’s home.

Once interrogated, he admitted his plan was to kill Kavanaugh and then commit suicide on the spot before he was apprehended. The 26-year-old also admitted his motive was that he had been furious with Kavanaugh over his stances on abortion and gun control.

We all know if the subject of that planned hit job had been any of the liberal justices—Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor or Elena Kagan—and the perpetrator was upset over the justices’ liberal stances, news coverage across America would have rivaled that of the January 6 hearings and subsequently been splashed on the country’s front pages and lead news lineup.

But the would-be victim here is a conservative justice, one the media largely despises as evidenced by the debacle that served as his SCOTUS confirmation hearings, so the story has been as buried as Jimmy Hoffa’s body.

The New York Times stuck the story on page 20 when it broke. USA Today and The Chicago Tribune left it off its front page the following morning, too. The Sunday talk shows on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN last weekend didn't mention it at all, and the networks barely mentioned it this week when details of it were released, except in the context of a bill passed in Congress to increase protections for the families of the SCOTUS justices.

To its credit, The Washington Post has covered the story, probably because it occurred in its own backyard, and it would be downright journalistic malpractice not to.


That is a banner headline with follow-up stories for days if I ever saw one. This isn’t somebody who issued a few mail or email warnings from thousands of miles away and then was apprehended in his home without acting on the threat.

And yet the media has remained focused on its obsession with January 6, what Rudy Giuliani drank that night and how President Trump ranted and continued to push the term that it has repeated millions of times over the past two years: “The Big Lie.”

Let me tell you, The Big Lie in this country is not claiming that the 2020 presidential election was stolen (we may never know the truth) but it is that law and order’s policies, our justice system of who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t, and the mainstream media’s coverage are systematically fair, balanced and equitable.

All big lies.

What’s more, which intertwines both of those subjects I just mentioned, is that a large group of protestors have marched up and down Kavanaugh’s street in the hours that followed that man’s arrest and in the days since. They were from the left-wing group “Ruth Sent Us,” referring to the late liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

With every protest, which includes bullhorns and drums and other instruments, each protestor is breaking a well-known federal law that prohibits such an act near a justice’s home, and yet no one in the federal government even considers arresting them.

“It's not going to end, it seems like,” a neighbor of Kavanaugh’s told Fox News. “This is a private neighborhood. I think it's very disrespectful. This is a neighborhood, an escape from bitter D.C. politics.”

Bitter D.C. politics … redundant terminology if I ever heard it.

And if you do not think the two issues—constant protests outside justices’ homes and an assassination attempt of one—are intertwined, you are sorely mistaken. They are tied together to what the extreme left sees not only as permissible but perhaps obtainable. Otherwise, they would be denouncing it with all their might.

But I haven’t heard Chuck Schumer, the man who outwardly threatened Kavanaugh in front of a microphone—“you will pay the price” and “you won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions”—when addressing abortion rights two years ago at a pro-choice rally. Nancy Pelosi, too, has downplayed the threat when asked about it, only to say repeatedly, “The justices are protected.”

Maybe she was confused and thought they were wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

These are the same rich politicians who live behind large walls and employ private security themselves. President Biden has been silent on the issue as well, too busy pointing fingers at Vladimir Putin for his inflation woes. (The leader of the free world is so clueless, I sometimes wonder how he finds the White House bathroom without a map.)

Yep, the double-standards in this country are as common these days as our empty store shelves and swear words being uttered at the gas pumps.

And they will continue to be, as long as the media in this country continue telling us only half the story and then conveniently burying the half that it pre-determines doesn’t agree with its chosen politics.

Jeff Snook, a 1982 Ohio State graduate, is a guest columnist for The Ohio Press Network. He has written 14 non-fiction books, including 12 on college football and resides in Atlantis, Fla., and Mifflin, Ohio

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