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HILLIARD, Ohio - Parents of students in Hilliard City Schools are threatening to sue in federal court if the district fails to provide adequate answers by October 17 to several questions parents have about school policies.

Gender survey questions asked by Hilliard Bradley High School

Smartphone photo of survey questions taken by a student at Hilliard Bradley High School. The first question is "What pronoun do you prefer I use in class?" The second question is: "What pronoun do you prefer I use when contacting home/parents?"

"I'm Here" badge

"I'm Here" badge with QR code that links to the National Education lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, queer+ Caucus website. The site provides adult materials on sexual education and "coming out." 

"I'm Here" badge holder

"I'm Here" badge holder with QR code and disclaimer.

Hilliard Memorial Middle School Bulletin Board

Bulletin board material a whistleblower says was posted at Hilliard Memorial Middle School that lists and defines sexual orientation categories such as gay, pansexual, bisexual, lesbian, gynosexual and many more.

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One of the problems we see now are the growing efforts over the years to let schools act as parents during the school day (in loco parentis). Unfortunately by doing so, this has given more power to them to not just protect the safety of our children, but to go on the offensive and do things to "protect" children they feel at risk from home situations they disagree with.


Go for it!!!! Hope you win a nice settlement, and set a precident for future school districts! This HAS to STOP! The socialists are destroying our education system. Is it any wonder America's education testing falls about halfway down the global list? What once was a shining city on a hill, has become the cesspool of the world. I and millions of others have hope, hope and prayers that this will one day turn around for the good!

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