J.D. Vance

Republican U.S. Senate candidate J.D. Vance

There are a lot of decent men and women running to replace retiring Sen. Rob Portman here in Ohio, but there is one candidate who stands head and shoulders above the rest, businessman and bestselling author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” J.D. Vance.

While establishment elites and beltway insiders scoffed at his campaign when he first announced his run, Vance has managed to build a robust and winning campaign since his summer launch. It’s a campaign that has been built around standing up for normal, hard-working Ohioans like you and me, and that’s exactly why he has consistently risen in the polls since July.

What really sets Vance apart from the other candidates in this race is his deep understanding of the policy issues conservatives care about and his willingness to connect the dots between President Joe Biden’s destructive big-government policies and corporate America’s woke authoritarianism.

Unlike so many other Republicans, Vance isn’t afraid to challenge the multinational corporations that work hand in hand with leftwing elites inside the government to crush conservatives across the country. He understands that in 2021, it isn’t just big-government policies that threaten our liberty, it’s also the policies coming from big corporations that for all intents and purposes have been taken over by the radical left.

It is his stand against the dual-headed dragon of excess government power and excess corporate power that has led to a litany of ridiculous leftwing attacks against him and his campaign.

Vance’s critics will claim that he can’t be trusted because like millions of other conservatives, including many who would go on to become some of former President Donald Trump’s strongest allies in D.C., he was critical of Trump in 2016. However, these critics conveniently ignore that Vance has on numerous occasions stated that Trump proved him wrong and that’s why he proudly voted for him in 2020.

They also conveniently ignore that of all the candidates running, Vance is by far the one who most closely aligns with President Trump’s populist conservative worldview, particularly when it comes to putting tariffs on China, restricting immigration, breaking up Big Tech and ending endless wars.

In fact, Vance has been out in front on re-establishing the United States as a self-sufficient economy that is independent of foreign reliance and on finishing the wall and doubling the amount of border patrolmen to put an end to illegal immigration once and for all. He has proposed rewriting election law in a way that would prevent massive companies from buying elections for the Democratic Party and reforming libel laws to reign in the unchecked overreach of the leftwing media that continues to spew falsehoods and wage a culture war against conservatives.

Just look at some of the pro-Trump warriors who are supporting Vance’s campaign; they include conservatives like Tucker Carlson, Sen. Josh Hawley, Charlie Kirk, Sebastian Gorka, Steve Cortes, Trump trade czar Robert Lighthizer, Trump National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, Trump EPA head Andrew Wheeler and Congressman Jim Banks.

Following a speech Vance gave over the summer, former Trump chief strategist and America First hero Steve Bannon praised him for leading the “intellectual direction of this revolution.”

Now if Vance really was a “never-trump RINO” like some of his dishonest critics claim, then why is it that he’s being supported by some of the strongest pro-Trump and antiestablishment figures in the conservative movement?

But if anyone still doubts that Vance’s America First “red-pilling” is genuine after seeing all of the pro-Trump conservatives in his corner, then maybe we should judge him by the laundry list of establishment enemies he has compiled since entering this race for U.S. Senate.

There is no candidate in the race and maybe no candidate for Senate across the country who has faced more attacks and smears from the leftwing fake news media than J.D. Vance.

CNN and MSNBC seemingly attack him daily. The Washington Post alone has written nearly 30 negative pieces about him since he entered the race. The same anti-Trump Club for Growth that spent $10 million opposing Trump in 2016, is now spending millions to stop Vance today. And the never-Trumpers at the The Lincoln Project have attacked him and frantically declared him a populist threat to their agenda, in the same mold of President Trump.

In short, Vance has all the right enemies.

Ask yourself, why is the leftwing media and the never-Trump establishment attacking Vance in such a vicious manner?

They’re certainly not attacking him because he’s one of them or because he’s supposedly anti-Trump. They’re attacking him precisely for the opposite reasons. They’re attacking him because they know he’s a true believer in the America First movement. They’re attacking him because they know as senator, Vance will represent a direct threat to the corrupt elites who are destroying our country.

Ohio desperately needs a fighter in the U.S. Senate who will stand up for our interests against the corrupt elites abusing their power in government and the woke corporations abusing their power at the behest of the government. J.D. Vance is the only candidate running equipped to do just that.

Marilyn Reid, former State Representative and former Greene County Commissioner

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